Saturday, 4 June 2011

Verily, the god of charity shopping hath smiled upon me this day

The sun was out and, after a month practically house-bound at the weekends with the Open House, a very fruitful Saturday began. And what a haul it was!

Firstly, a very brief dash through BHASVIC car boot fair yielded a mint-condition WW2 Utilty label cardigan and an irresistibly opulent green lurex housecoat-come-cocktail-outfit.

Next stop: the bi-annual vintage sale at Oxfam, Hove. By the time I got there I was so excited it was more than a bit daft. There was a lovely early '60s frock waiting for me though, along with a navy and white spotted swimsuit and a '50s Lucite box handbag. I actually resisted two pieces of 1950s fabric and a selection of gorgeous coffee pots, but made a return trip to the till with a pair of oversized men's green tweed trousers.

Then it was across the road to Ethel's Kitchen to calm down after all that excitement over a coffee or two with the talented painter Lara Viana, who is far more considered and restrained than me in her vintage shopping!

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