Sunday, 26 August 2012

It's been a long time...

Week in week out, I still never miss the Sunday morning flea market at Brighton Marina. Today, being a sunny day squeezed in between rainy ones, was very busy and what treasures were to be had in that last frantic sell-off before the end of summer!

Wow! What's this – "I went for dinner at Mr Chow before heading for Studio 54"? Just look at those shoulders! Black and gold silk brocade jacket with decorative topstitching, pristine condition.

Next up, had to trust my marketing companion on this one as there was no mirror on this seller's stall nor on any round about, but when I got this 1950s grey and white skirt suit home I could see she was right. It's perfect fit, made in some mysterious place where the bottom half is two sizes bigger than the top half and somehow they had my measurements thirty years before I was born.

To top it all (not literally), a free fez!

I think I need to go for a lie down now, after all that excitement.

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