Tuesday, 10 September 2013

It's getting there...

...slowly, but it is getting there. For the second summer, I have been working on the broken crockery mosaic in my garden. (Yes, we do break a lot of crockery; quite embarrassing really.)

Last year, central section started.

Anyway, the reason it's taking so long is the weather. I am tiling straight onto the unsightly, discoloured concrete breeze blocks that make up the raised beds, so I can only work in three day spells of dry weather – one dry day before and after I do the tiling and then I have to leave it until the following day until I can grout it.

This year I had to spend at least a day repairing weather damage to parts of last year's work. Hopefully, if it's all grouted this year, the frost won't get behind the tiles and that won't happen again.

This year, central section extended at both sides, ready for grouting.

I have done the end section, now I have the sides to finish, which are not as clearly visible due to the planting. One more final push and it will be done.

Then what will I do with all the cups we break?

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